Waukau Creek Dam
2682-2814, WI-116
Omro, WI 54963
The trail can be accessed by riding from the parking lot back to Highway 116 and turning right. There is a pathway through the ditch on the right hand side of Hwy 116, approximately 50 yards from the parking lot.

Waukau Dam Mountain Bike Trail is a roughly two and a half mile, single track mountain bike trail that meanders along the steep hillsides and through the deep ravines of the Waukau Dam Nature Preserve.

A few local mountain bike enthusiasts volunteered nearly 1,800 hours to build and maintain the trail. The build began in late 2016 and the current layout was completed in September of 2018.

The trail is considered an intermediate level mountain bike trail. The rugged landscape makes for challenging climbs, fast descents and amazing views of Waukau Creek and surrounding forest.

Advanced features have been added along the trial for those who wish to hone their skills – numerous bridges, jumps, drops and skill features help to keep the ride exciting and challenging. Bypasses are available for all of the advanced features.

The trail is a “two way” trail, so always be on the look out for other riders and hikers.

The trail is open for riding year-round (fat tire bikes are required for winter riding), weather permitting. The trail is closed to riding anytime it is wet or muddy. Trail conditions are closely monitored by the trail builders and current conditions can be found here:

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