Lecker Park Fat Bike Trail (winter only)

Location / address: 5500 North Gillett Street; north of CTH JJ (.75 miles)

Special instructions (parking, directions, hours):
Park is open from sunrise to 11pm. There is a large parking lot with a porta john.
Please use 3.8in or wider tires and keep your pressure low.
Please stay off the ski trails. You will cross them in a few locations so be aware of other traffic and yield to skiers.
See town website for trail status: https://www.grandchute.net/departments/parks-recreation/parks/lecker-park/
Absolutely no biking is permitted during the summer months due to WIDNR Regulations.

If trails closed, reasons may be…
– Wisconsin DNR requires frozen ground conditions
– Minimum 6” of snow
– Packable snow amounts

Trail description: 1.3mi of groomed trail. Trail twists and turns through the woods and follows the perimeter of the 2 clearings.

Fat Cupid race at Lecker Park taken by Trail Genius https://trailgenius.com/trail-genius-map/fat-cupid-classic

The trail is bidirectional and you can start one of 3 ways:
1. Start at the NW corner of the parking lot (by the porta john) and follow the outer edge of the clearing clockwise until you enter the woods.
2. Start at the NE corner of the lot, cross the small bridge, and immediately turn left to head up the hill (if the trail is soft please turn around and see options 1 or 3 ). You’ll merge with the other fork and again head clockwise into the woods.
3. Head out the south end of the lot. There is a wide path into the woods here. You are now heading CCW which can enjoy bombing down the hill (from option 2) at the end of your lap.


Fox Crossing



Prairie Hill